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There have been so many rainy Sunday’s in London recently, I have had a strong desire to curl up on the sofa and watch Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn in Bringing up Baby. It was this thought that inspired the Gabriel Patchwork Quilt project.

Inspiration board via pinterest

Inspiration board via pinterest


gabriel's quilt

by csevenm

gabriel's quilt by csevenm

A really cosy patchwork quilt in classic crisp white. Gabriel’s patchwork quilt is part of a collection idea themed around the concept title ‘state of rest’. 

gabriel's quilt by csevenm

Stepping away from traditional quilt patterns, which are based on colour blocking patterned fabrics, I wanted an all white quilt to compliment my white bed linen and for the principal of the quilt to be based on elements and layers of white on white.

After I completed the stencil shape for the centrepiece I cut a used sheet and started to embellish the details of the centrepiece with hand stitching and delicate all white, clear, frosted and pearl beadwork. As the pattern of the quilt topper had not been planned there was a lot of measuring to ensure each border element was cut to the right size. A selection varied white on white craft prints make up the majority of the borders with a few plain white borders and various white trimmings, such as velvet ribbon, cotton crocheted tape and organza. The whole quilt is backed in brushed cotton for a really soft finish, filled with 100% cotton batting, and as a finishing touch a delicate hand stitch around the entire edge.

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