pemberton day skirt project...


pemberton skirt

by csevenm

pemberton skirt by csevenm
pemberton skirt by csevenm

the epitomal everyday skirt, will take you from picnic to bistro on any day of the week.

softly crushed pleats with a shaped hand stitched yoke detail.


Under normal circumstances I would usually construct a toile from calico fabric, however on this occasion I chose a fabric that lended itself to see the definition in the fine stitch details at the waistband (to see if my all singing and dancing sewing machine could live up to the scalloped stitch detail technique claims boldly marked as buttons BH).  I am not overely impressed but I will accept my little machines efforts.


pemberton day skirt project by csevenm

I wanted to create a traditional tailored waistband with the signature csevenm hook and eye fastening, so used a remenant of printed fabric I picked up from Berwick Street in Soho and blended it with black piping for the internal waistband detail. As this is going to be a summer skirt I chose not to line the skirt panel and proceeded to press the pleats of the skirt panel into place. After inserting the zip and attaching the skirt panel to the waistband I tacked the pleats down at the curved yoke line and handstitched the leather thong trim into place.

hand stitched into place