Hello, If you have managed to find us out here in cyber space, this is just a little corner of the web where you can keep up to date with CsevenM, what we do, what we like and some of the things we get up to along the way...

hello by csevenm




The aim of our little corner is to create a collection of lifestyle dressings for the home and wardrobe, something to inspire our lives and our environment.

We would like to go back to the intricacies of craft, to be able to notice the interesting and desirable things that can be created through time, thought and care. We plan to develop each project with an emphasis on intricate detail and surface work with a conscious consideration for the simplicity of silhouettes.

hello by csevenm

We will be featuring a succession of interesting and exciting projects, so prepare to be seduced by our exclusive collection of hand crafted lifestyle products. We want you to be inspired when you shop at CsevenM, so we are curating a collection of limited edition samples with an inspirational blend of traditional and modern aesthetics. Our projects will be a subtle mix of modern prints, vibrant colours and classic materials, which are all designed to compliment the elegance of your style.