mai valentines love note project...


Valentine's Day is all about love, friendship and making the people who are special to you know how important they are to your life. The special little things always make the difference so this Valentine's Day I'm planning ahead, starting with a hand made card and ending at Hotel Providence in Paris.


mai love notes by csevenm1.jpg

mai love notes

by csevenm

love note project by csevenm.jpg
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I spent an entire day playing about and trying to recreate the petit hanging banner diy project, with a valentines theme and although I like it, the textured fabric detail is not quite what I wanted. So I packed up and slept on it, hoping that inspiration might strike in the night.

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a cute little card Which has a little message that can be personalised according to my other great love...


Finally after spending an entire morning playing with fabrics and paper, I settled on a design.

I had stitched, drawn, cut and glued my way to this cute little love note for my no. 1.

mai love notes by csevenm9.jpg
love notes project by csevenm.jpg
mai love notes by csevenm coffee.jpg

ttfn, me




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