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Through the process of creating there is always a corner or two of fabric that is too small for anything of use, I tend to keep piles of these little pieces of fabric, which I honestly should have discarded a long time ago. However inspired by the hand-stitched detailing of the Sofiel Patchwork Quilt I have thankfully found a use for some of the vast collection of scraps I have been hoarding for so many years.

decorative garland by csevenm

I loved the little padded discs on the quilt and they were a great way of using up remnants and scrap from my fabric collection, although I prefer the hand-stitched edge it would just have taken too much time to make multiple decorative discs that way.

So I sat down with a pot of hot water had a think and resolved my very pressing decorating issues!


window garland

by csevenm

decorative garland by csevenm
decorative garland by csevenm
csevenm garland 4

an alternative play on traditional bunting

In preparation for a celebration it's nice to frame the room in pretty decorations


Compared to making a quilt this was a really simple project, I had developed individual discs attached to tape so that I could string each decoration individually. Unfortunately (for me) I discovered the hard way that decorating with individual discs was very time consuming.

csevenm garland

Before the next party I made sure to attach the individual discs to matching tape, this meant that I could string the garlands around door frames and in windows really quickly and ultimatley spend more time enjoying the day.

csevenm garland 3
decorative garland by csevenm
csevenm garland 5
csevenm garland
_DSC0028 (1).jpg

I still have a whole bunch of very Christmassy individual discs which I use to decorate the tree in December, but I think my favourite version of garlands will always be the ones I have in my window all year round.



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