astier de villatte ceramic beakers...


It was a very happy sunny day many many years ago when I went for a shopping spree in central London with my first ever pay check and stumbled across Liberty of London. It has remained one of my favourite London shopping locations and I have been a loyal customer ever since. This is where I go to pick up my favourite indulgence, the Astier de Villatte, Alger scented candle.


The candle is made in the Astier de Villatte Parisian workshop, delicious perfumes of white campion, privet flowers, wild jasmine, and the acidic notes of bitter orange, spiced with a hint of chilli, the candle is 100% natural and smells truly divine, as Ferris Bueller would say "I highly recommend you picking one up.'


Repurposing candle containers into water goblets


I have been avoiding throwing out the empty ceramic containers not just because they are so pretty but also in a vain attempt to be more sustainable. I finally decided that the empty containers would look great as water beakers and are a perfect match to my Glenna ware ceramic dinner plates from Anthropologie, so I gave them all a good scrub to remove all of the wax residue and voila.


To find out about Astier de Villatte ceramics click the link here