custom cut-off boilersuit project...


I’m not a big fan of having several of the same style in different colours, but when I saw the G-star Arc Boilersuit a few years ago I just couldn’t decide which colour I wanted, so I stepped outside of my comfort zone and decided to buy both.


Whilst having a look through pinterest, to get some ideas about how I might be able to customise one of the boilersuits, I found some amazing images to help define my summer wardrobe. I finally landed on cut-off denim shorts. I ended up returning the aged blue boilersuit to get the next size up for a looser oversized silhouette.

Finally the correct size arrived and I went straight to work with my scissors, tentatively at first to ensure I didn’t cut too short and carefully as the arc fit is engineered to fit so follows the form of the body when worn, but does not lay flat on a table.

Images via pinterest

Images via pinterest

Arc Boilersuit by G-star Raw

Arc Boilersuit by G-star Raw


custom cut-off boilersuit

by csevenm


With the boilersuit cut to length and the hem pressed into place for an extra skinny turn-up I almost wore them to death that first summer, the only issue I had was every time I washed them, the turn up would unravel and the cut edge began to fray. Before this summer starts I have taken the time to wash, trim and repress that supper skinny turn-up and this time I have stitched the turn-up into place, so I wont have to worry about unfurling hem’s and frayed edges anymore.


Ta-dah… My baby blue boyfriend boiler-shorts with extra skinny turn-ups, perfectly paired with my white stripe bodysuit, it is definitely the one for lounging around this summer. Worn open during the day with sleeves rolled up for ventilation, then sleeves down and buttoned up for the chilly summer evenings.