london update...


It’s a bit of an adjustment downsizing to such a small room, so to make it feel more like home I thought I would give my little space a bit of a spruce. Now that all the furniture is in and arranged I am realising how tricky tiny living might actually be, but I am sure I will survive.

From the top things I have done, in no particular order. No.1 got the keys and made a tassel key ring out of sewing thread (I wanted silk thread but couldn’t find any). No.2 picked up some of my favourite plants, which just so happen to do wondrous things for sleep. Aloe. Gardenia. Jasmine. No.3 I don’t really want to block out too much light from my north-facing room, so I’m using an old loose weave Anthropologie throw to dress the window. No.3a. I also pulled the old white thread off the old fairy light balls and re-wrapped them with same colours to match the throw, on a bright day it looks quite decent wrapped around the curtain pole, but I have already decided that they are going. No.4 hung a hook and a mirror.


No.5 lined the cupboard then put in some storage shelves and a pole. No.6 got my bargain cable knit blanket out of storage to make my new bedroom a little cosier. No.7 added a little texture by covering the bedroom door with wood grain sticky back plastic (I know it’s cheating but it works). No.8 I also bought some extra slim washi tape from Amazon so I can use the door as my project mood board. No.9 painted the doorframe and cupboard doorframe with an antique gold finish for a little Versailles opulence. No.10 I’ve found that stonewashed cotton is a great alternative to linen and got myself a new set in the Habitat summer sale. No.11 bought an extra couple of flat sheets to make a feature fabric wall (which I will one day add some artwork to…or not?). No.12 re-jigged the kitchen cupboard shelves. No.13 scrubbed the walls, the floors and windows. No.14 filled the gaps from laminate to wall (some were really big). No.15 deep cleaned the fridge and the kitchen. No.16 open stacked some wooden storage crate style boxes to make bathroom shelves. No.17 picked up a chargeable night/ reading light and a new Alger scented candle. No.18 deep cleaned the bathroom and laid some new laminate tiles. No.19 put some framed garden images in the windowless bathroom to add a little colour. No.20 treated my sewing machine to a service.

ttfn, me