spring love note project...


You’re a good egg…


It all started with a very sincere sorry to my little godson, I know I know Easter, chocolate, egg hunts, its all a very big deal to kids but sometimes I just get a little distracted and then I realise that it is too late for me to post anything to arrive on time.

So, instead I got myself on a train and went to deliver a very personal Easter crafting celebration for my boys.


spring love note

by csevenm


All sat at the kitchen table, we drew some pictures of bunny rabbits and then transferred them to fabric, while the boys had some lunch mum and I did all the sewing and then the boys joined us again to do some sticking and write some messages to show our appreciation for each other, fun times with my best friend and god children is priceless.


some bunny loves you…


It is always nice to send a special reminder to your loved ones, so they know how important they are to you.

So with this in mind I decided to make an extra card for mother’s day.

CsevenMcharline morgan