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recycling and repurposing old garments…


Throughout my art education I always had a fascination with blending different media's, graduating as a poor student, my finances necessitated that I find inventive ways to develop my designs. I used old newspapers for pattern cutting and collected as many old pieces of fabric and samples from work as I could and learnt to blend the old with new and transform my ideas into reality. I'm no game changer, but I do what I can.



paschar vest

alik vest

by csevenm


Two simple and easy summer tops without having to leave the house or spend any money.

No.1 refashioned from an old yellow cotton summer beach dress, by simply cutting a new neckline and armholes then binding the openings, loose fitting and very comfortable.

No.2 Refashioned from an old stripy t-shirt (I loved the stripe but the neckline was a little high and uncomfortable) easily transformed into an old favourite the Alik Day Vest, great for layering and very light and loose for sunny summer days in the garden.